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Fruitland Park Day Parade 2012

Fruitland Park Day Parade 3-31-2012 Fruitland Park Florida


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Fruitland Park Day was originally held to honor Armed Forces Day, but has evolved into a two-day community celebration. Activities began at 5 p.m. Friday with the Fruitland Park Library hosting a book sale in the Casino Building until 8 p.m. Then, at 6 p.m., Jim Van Fleet and The Reign performed until 9 p.m. Kids were entertained by magician Mike Carnevale and there was free admission to a bounce house. On Saturday, the day began with a 5K Run and a 5K walk beginning at 8 a.m., and a free “Kids 14 & Under” one-mile fun run starting at 9 a.m. The book sale continued from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The town’s annual parade began at 10 a.m. with parade announcer, DJ Jimi. Other activities included: Live performances from the Taloko Indian Dancers; Carnevale creating balloon animals free for the kids; and a puppet show courtesy of Covenant Life Church. The also were a Cutest Kid’s Contest at noon for girls through age 12 and boys through age 8. In addition, there were a variety of arts and crafts, jewelry and purses, food vendors, civic organizations and promotional booths and more. For more information, call the Recreation Office at 352-360-6734 or email fprecreation@aol.com.
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Marion County Tax Collector Ocala Florida

Events for the Marion County Tax Collector Annual Car Show

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Wedding Planning Advice

The coming of the new year marks the beginning of a new season. No, I am not  talking about duck season or rabbit season. I’m not even talking about NASCAR  season. I am talking about the wedding planning season. The time of year when  thousands of brides, oftentimes dragging their reluctant grooms, travel out and  about to bargain shop, meet vendors, attend bridal shows, and visualize what  elements are important to their ceremony and reception. With all the advice that  is shared from vendors, family, friends, and the hundreds of wedding planning  books and websites, how is a bride to know what she should expect and want when  planning her wedding? This article attempts to diminish the fears and stress of  planning by sharing true expert advice from the people who really know and  empathize with the modern day bride…former brides.

The Challenges

According to most brides, the hardest challenge you will face is having to  plan the wedding on your own. If you do not have family and friends in your area  readily available and willing to help, you may have trouble coordinating the  event. Even if you do, you may run into a similar situation as Amber Bahnak  whose wedding occurred in October 2008, “Sometimes people want to help, but are  afraid to do something you won’t like so they shy away from offering  suggestions.” She states that “Communication is key. Let people know when you  are open to and really need suggestions.”

Other brides look for professional help. Danielle Lux, whose wedding was also  in October 2008, suggests hiring a professional planner. “They really help you  with each step and remind you to look at things you may have overlooked  otherwise.”

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. If your budget doesn’t afford  a professional planner, or you do not have access to a relative or friend  experienced in planning events, make sure you hire other vendors that match your  personality, will listen carefully to your vision, and offer suggestions that  can help to achieve those dreams.

Beach Favors

The Budget

Did you know that according to WeddingReport.com, the average wedding in the  United States of America in 2008 costs $28,704? Your budget may be in this range  or could vary greatly, but one fact remains, how you divide your budget will be  the most important determining factor towards the success of your wedding.  Overspending in areas that have little or no impact on what you or your guests  remember could lead to you not having enough money for the elements that are  important to you.

The first step to budgeting for your wedding is deciding what elements are  the most important to your vision of a successful reception. Choose three words  you would use to describe the reception. Whether they be fun, elegant, magical,  or romantic, these words will be important when making decisions on where to  spend your money.

Anna Story, whose Tango-themed wedding was a perfect fit for her guests in  October 2008, gives these words of advice, “Don’t over spend…keep it simple.  What makes a good wedding is the entertainment and the food. Decorations are  secondary. Choose a theme and make it simple.”

Mike and Mary Gifford, who married in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, in 2008,  gave their advice on budgeting stating, “Don’t sweat it if a few things go over  the budget, because most of the time there will be something else that will cost  less.”

Nicole Meredith, married June 2008, advises taking your time in planning. “Do  your research on DJ’s, reception halls, flowers, and catering. Gather referrals.  Our DJ was fabulous! He was interactive and fun. He was the best in the area and  was definitely not cheap. We spent the extra money and it was well worth  it!”

By now, you’ve read several magazines and online articles probably offering  tips on saving money for your wedding by taking shortcuts to making your  reception a success. The key number in budgeting is the guest list. Every  wedding reception can save an average of $50 per person by cutting down the  guest list. Remember, you pay by how many guests are expected, not by who  actually shows up. So, if you want to let your long-lost Uncle Buck know that  you are getting married, send an engagement or wedding notice instead of an  actual invite. You never know, he might just show up! Cut the list as far as you  can if you need the extra money for something else. Once you have accomplished  this emotional task, look at the little details. It is true that the little  details can sometimes matter most, especially when you examine little details  such as favors, appetizers, bouquets, and flower arrangements. Once you  determine the necessity of each item, find creative and alternate ways to have a  similar effect. These little things could matter most in making the most out of  your budget.

What matters most to the success of your wedding reception? That depends upon  the elements that are important in your vision. If the food is your determining  factor, then spend more on food. In the wedding business, it really is “you get  what you pay for.” Capturing Moments

What will your guests remember about your reception? According to the survey  results from St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine, 2003, 81% of guests said they  remember the entertainment and whether they had fun. How can you guarantee that  your guests will have fun? Hire the professionals that match your personality.  YOU are the party! Your reception should be a reflection of you. The vendors you  choose will be responsible for making your reception a success, and they will be  the same vendors who keep your guests engaged and participating in the  celebration. If your guests leave one hour early because they are not engaged in  the celebration, you have just lost an average of $4,784/hr (assuming six hours  total for ceremony, cocktail hour, and four hour reception). Your choice of  entertainment is the most important factor in creating a successful  reception.

Amber Bahnak suggests to make sure your vendors work together to coordinate  the event. “Our vendors were fantastic. Everyone wanted to work together and  help us with the planning details. The DJ even went to the wedding site on his  own several months before the wedding to check things out.” Not all vendors are  alike. Some have personalities that are less than easy-going, so coordinating  between the vendors does not always take place.

Nicole Meredith warns that “if you are planning over the phone as I did, and  if people are rude to you, they are most likely going to be a bear to work with.  Find someone new. There are too many people in the wedding business to ‘sweat  the small stuff’.”

Once you have your vision in place, hire the professionals to capture the  important moments. Photographers are a must. But Lindsay Forseth, Catering Sales  Manager at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA, says her biggest regret about her  wedding was not having a videographer. She says, “I didn’t think I wanted one at  the time, but now I wish more than ever that I could go back and watch a video  of the whole day. It goes by so quickly that I would love to go back and watch  it over and see what I missed.”

Your wedding will truly fly by. Hopefully you’ll sound like Danielle Lux who  wished, “it could have been longer, I know this sounds silly, but it flew by. We  didn’t even do the bouquet/garter toss because we were busy having so much fun  with everyone.”

Problem Solved

The daunting responsibility of planning a wedding should never feel like it  is all on your shoulders. Hire professionals who match your personality. Whether  you have the budget to hire a wedding planner or not, make sure you hire  experienced vendors who can create your vision. This means that you must have a  dream. By dreaming, you can begin creating the experience that you and your  guests will never forget. Hire those vendors who can make those dreams come  true. Ask them questions, find out the creative ways they can bring energy to  your reception. Your budget is important, but not as important as how you divide  that budget. Determine your budget by finding the average costs in your area for  the different vendors, not by an arbitrary number. Make up your budget by  considering the elements that you feel are important to your particular wedding  reception. Remember, you really do “get what you pay for.”

Two last pieces of advice from Amber and Lindsay

“Stay on top of things, but relax. Things will get done and everything will  be beautiful. Don’t forget to let your fiance know how much you care during the  process. After all, the event is about professing your love in front of your  friends and family.” – Amber Bahnak

“Enjoy the whole day. Being with all of your friends and family is the best!  It will be the best day of your life!” – Lindsay Forseth

–Thank you to all of the brides and vendors who were so generous in giving  me their time to write this article.–


WeddingReport.com – great source for some valuable information about wedding  budget trends

St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine, 2003. Sources include: Simmons, 2001;  USA Today, 2002; National Bridal Service,

2001; The Knot, 2002; Brides Magazine, 2001.


Eric Herod DJ/Owner Eric Herod Entertainment http://ericherod.com info@ericherod.com (540)  419-2534

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Qualities of Professional Wedding Videography

Wedding is a once in a lifetime dream. You want every inch of your wedding to  be perfect. You can’t afford to see any loopholes. It should be the happiest day  of your life and you can’t afford it to be ruined by even a small detail. Hence,  there is no room for any imperfections. The traditional way of remembering the  events on your wedding day is through photos. However, in today’s modern world,  the use of video is much appreciated. If you want to have a professional wedding  videography you can have the service of a wedding videographer. They are experts  in capturing images and events during your wedding day. There are events that  you surely miss because you cannot be at two places at the same time. Capturing  those moments in the form of video is truly a magical idea. You will be able to  view your wedding celebration every time you want to.

How to have professional wedding videography? What are the qualifications of  a professional wedding videographer? These questions are probably puzzling up  your mind. With lots of wedding photography and videography, you might have  confusion on which to choose. There are certain qualities and characteristics  that you have to look for in a wedding videographer. The very basic thing to  look for is the style. Each wedding videographer has unique style. You should  ask the wedding videographer about their specialization in the field of wedding  videography. That will give you an idea if the style that you are looking for is  perfect or is within the capacity of the videographer. The style matters a lot.  It is the style that determines the quality of wedding videography.

A professional wedding videography needs to have a touch of an expert  videographer. You can actually differentiate the one that is made by a  professional and those that are not professional. Aside from the level of  expertise, there are also qualities that you have to consider. In choosing for  the right wedding videographer, you need to ask the necessary questions. This is  one way of assessing if the wedding videographer can make your idea possible.  There is also a written contract between you and the professional wedding  videographer. The contract will clearly define the agreement between the two  parties. It basically includes the location of the wedding, the time, as well as  the wedding videography package, if there is any. This will set the proper  expectation between you and the videographer. It will also give you a clear  picture on how your wedding video will look.

You should also ask if they have insurance. Anyone operating such type of  business must have public liability insurance. The government does not mandate  them, but it is a plus if they have one. This is to secure you during untoward  situations. You must also ask for the copyrights of the video. This is to  protect you. Anyone operating with this type of business should only use  appropriate license. This is to avoid theft. As you may know, it is a criminal  case. The copyrights will be owned by the wedding videographer. However, the  moral rights should remain on the couples, meaning, your rights to privacy  should be acknowledged. The ultimate factor that can affect the wedding  videography service is the price. How much does it usually cost? This is  determined by different factors like the length of the video, the style as well  as the accessories needed in creating the video. Basically, it is the extent of  coverage that affects the overall price of the wedding videography.

Wedding  Videography Videography can be of any type and has many subdivisions.  Wedding Videography is one very popular division. The scope in this particular  area of photography is very high making it a lucrative option for business.   Click here for Professional Wedding Videography

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Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Having a restricted budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get married. In fact,  most people are planning a wedding on a budget… it’s just that some wedding  budgets are larger than others. Now, if your wedding budget is a bit tight,  don’t despair. There are many ways to plan low budget weddings and still have it  be the best day of your life.

Now, when you’re planning a wedding on a budget, the number of guests you  invite can be a critical factor in whether you’re able to stay within your  alloted budget. Inviting tons of people to the ceremony itself isn’t usually a  major budget concern. If you’re paying for the location you’ll have the ceremony  in though, then of course you’ll pay more for a place large enough to hold large  numbers of people in the ceremony.

When it comes to the reception though, how many people you’ve invited to your  wedding can make a huge difference to your budget. Most people plan to have food  catered at their reception for instance, and if you’re planning a wedding on a  budget, you’ll quickly learn there are huge cost differences between having 100  people or 1000 people at your wedding reception.


It’s still possible to keep within your restricted wedding budget while  having many people at the reception: You simply have a non-food wedding  reception. When planning a wedding on a budget, if you simply must have hundreds  of people there then you can drastically reduce your wedding expenses by  providing entertainment and possibly snacks at your reception instead of a fully  catered sit down meal.

Another alternative for food at the reception when you’re planning a wedding  on a budget is to do a family cook off. Gather together various family members  who enjoy cooking, and ask them to create easy casseroles and various other  foods for your wedding reception. You should budget for buying those food  ingredients of course, and you can even ask them to give this to you instead of  buying wedding gifts. They can then get together and create a pot luck style  wedding dinner, and your wedding reception can be pulled off in a buffet style  form instead of having people served by waiters and catering crew.

A great creative idea when planning a wedding on a budget is to simply have a  picnic or barbecue style wedding reception. This can be done at a local park or  in someone’s back yard, and it will save the expense of renting a reception  hall.

Music and entertainment are another way you can reduce costs when planning a  wedding on a budget. Instead of hiring a live band for your reception for  instance, consider creating your own special song mix to have playing on CDs  during the reception.

You can reduce the cost of flowers when planning a wedding on a budget too.  You don’t have to forgo having wedding flowers completely, but consider ordering  only half as many wedding flowers as you originally intended. Better still,  order the flowers you want for the wedding bouquet, but choose less expensive  flowers for the rest of the ceremony and reception. There are many flowers which  compliment each other in shape, size and color – so choose those that compliment  the bouquet if you want the wedding to have a specific color scheme for  instance, or go with a variety of inexpensive flowers to create a more  spontaneous effect. Either option will still look beautiful, all while helping  you to stay within the alloted wedding budget you’ve set.

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Green Screen Production

Green Screen Production at Your Location

Green screen technology is the basis of the effects seen in everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast. The idea is simple. If you shoot a video with a single coloured backdrop (blue or green is often used) special software allows you to make that colour transparent – replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image.


With green screen, it’s simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. You can transport yourself to the moon, appear in your favourite film, or make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures.

Videos in Progress

Green Screen Leesburg Lady Lake Orlando Florida

Wedding-Event-Media Production Videography

Wedding & Event Planning and  Media Production Leesburg Lady Lake Ocala Orlando Florida

Providing affordably priced, high-definition video services for all types of events:  weddings, parties, performances, conferences, corporate services, commercials, training, reunions, interviews, video resumes, family activities, and more, including Website promotion videos, green-screen production, Website design and hosting, video editing, concept creation, and photos to video montage. Video formats suitable for TV broadcasts.

Promo Video Below-What We Do


You’d like to capture your event on video and because it’s not in your budget, you pass on the only opportunity for cherished lifetime memories. My goal is to offer services to those who otherwise would have to pass because of funds. This is your special day and you most definitely want to capture those moments. How wonderful to see and hear your friends and family from that special day, for years to come. Watch the entire event on DVD, Blu-ray (high definition) and/or posted on the Internet for those who were not able to attend. I ALWAYS SAY, “A picture is worth a thousand words but video says it all”.


Streaming video over the web has many advantages. It is easily accessible, people have a high-perceived value of video and it can give you much more information than text. By utilizing all of the multimedia elements of sight and sound, we deliver a message that people remember.




Carlino Realty

Two Old Hags Wine & Beer

Pet Videos also Available


  Armed Forces Day Parade and Veteran’s Memorial Dedication Ceremony
Leesburg, Flolrida May 19, 2012


Here is a summary of our Video Wedding Packages:

“The Ceremony” – $300 (Additional fee outside the Leesburg area)

– Single camera coverage (Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Post-Ceremony)
– Wireless microphone system (attached to Groom or through a sound board) during the Ceremony
– Editing and title graphics
– 1 standard-play DVD. (Includes plastic case and special disc label)

“The Basic” – $600 (Additional fee outside the Leesburg area)

– Single camera coverage (Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Post-Ceremony, Reception)
– Wireless microphone system (attached to Groom or through a sound board) during the Ceremony
– Single camera coverage of Reception – up to 1 hour
– Editing, title graphics, and 2 “stock” background music selections
– 1 standard-play DVD. (Includes plastic case and special disc label)

“Special rate when all at same location”

When the ceremony and reception is all at the same location I can offer a much lower rate compared to the ”The Basic”  rate package. Your savings can be as much as $100.

INTERNET – If you would like your videos uploaded to YouTube or hosted on VideoSaysItAll.com web servers, you can  select what and how much of your wedding you want uploaded or hosted. Includes one of year hosting. Fees will be based  on the amount of content.

VIDEOGRAPHY STYLE & VIDEO EQUIPMENT: We combine a documentary and music video style. We try to be as candid as possible. But in order to capture special moments it will be necessary to be close. Video camera is a Sony HDV-V1U High Definition. Video aspect ratio is 16:9 wide screen or standard 4:3.

Our principles and ethics are based on our Christian foundation. Our policies and beliefs follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Kings James Bible.

Good tips on planning your wedding. Things you just don’t think about.

Wedding & Event Planning and  Media Production Leesburg Lady Lake Ocala Orlando Florida

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Aaron Kjenslie and Glider Training

FAA Minimum Requirements

Glider licenses are issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and in that regard is similar to that issued to power pilots or balloon pilots. The FAA maintains a list of frequently asked questions for new pilots and requirements for pilot licensing are included in Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The basic requirements are as follows:

Students Pilots

Student pilots may solo at a minimum age of 14 with a student certificate endorsed for solo flight at the discretion of a FAA-Certified Flight Instructor for Gliders (CFIG). Generally, 30 to 40 flights with a CFIG are required to solo. This is roughly equivalent to 10-12 hours of flight time and is dependent upon the progress of the student.

Private Pilot-Glider

After solo, student pilots may qualify as a Private Pilot-Glider provided them:
Are at least 16 years of age; and have logged at least 10 hours of flight time in a glider and that flight time must include at least 20 total glider flights, and have 2 hours of solo flight time in a glider, and have passed the FAA written examination; and have passed the flight exam with a FAA Examiner.


Commercial Pilots-Glider

Commercial Pilots-Glider must be at least 18-years of age, pass a written FAA examination, hold a Private Pilot license with 25 hours of flight time in gliders and 100 glider flights as pilot-in-command, or a total of 200 hours of flight time in heavier-than-air aircraft including 20 glider flights as pilot-in-command, 3 hours or ten flights training in a glider, and five solo flights in a glider and pass a flight test.

Certified Flight Instructors-Glider

Certified Flight Instructors-Glider must hold a commercial rating; pass a written and flight test and have an endorsement from a qualified instructor of aeronautical knowledge and flight of proficiency.

Additional Pilot Rating

Holders of a valid FAA Power plane license with 40 hours as pilot-in-command need a minimum of 10 solo flights to qualify to take the glider flight test. No written exam is required to add a glider rating to a power license. In all cases, refer to the Federal Aviation Regulations for details on pilot licensing.

Aaron Kjenslie and Glider Training

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