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Business Advertisement for Hapkido Brothers Academy
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The word, “Hapkido,” means the way of harmony and force, or the art of coordinated power. As an art, it teaches self-confidence, self-discipline, and for when a fight is unavoidable, self-defense. It seeks not to overpower an attacker with strength, but with techniques that turn an attacker’s own force back onto him or herself. Hapkido is a complete and eclectic art with kicks and punches like karate, joint locking techniques like Aikido and throws like jiu-jitsu, and Judo. Unlike judo and karate, Hapkido is not a competitive art. Visit our website: http://www.hapkido-brothers.com for more information.

Fighting Arts Emporium Buildi
544 US Hwy 27
Minneola, FL 34715 Fighting Arts Emporium Building

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