Aaron Kjenslie Uses Video for Training

1. Why tell when you can show? If clients see it for themselves, the odds of making the sale soar.

2. Video persuades: Just watch someone watching an engaging program – it’s hard getting their attention or pull them out of show. Create the same persuasive message on tape and you’ll capture your client’s imagination too. Companies often produce video “fact sheets” and wonder why it didn’t resonate with their customers.

Create a compelling story that touches their hearts and minds, and they will make a stronger connection with your message. People view television and movies the same way no matter what the program – Whether it’s “Friends” or Big Pharmacy’s “how we treat this disease” video – a good producer engages the audience the same way – with an honest, heartfelt story. Audiences view what they see with a feeling of respect and belief, because after all, they saw it on TV. Persuade them with your message on their TV.

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3. Video is constant: With video you get the exact message you want delivered every time. Your video “salesperson” never has a bad day, never is too busy to deliver the message and never varies from the key points that you want made. The same with a training video. Your employees are trained exactly the same way every time. Trained exactly the way you want them trained.

4. You are in control: When you put your companies/association’s message on video you control what that message is and how it is presented. You decide what the public or your clients should think about you, what message you want delivered and when you want it delivered.

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5. Video can be there when you can’t: A videotaped message from your companies President or a training video about a new piece of equipment can be sent to your offices all over the country or the world. When you can’t be there in person your video can carry your message to employees and clients.

6. Video saves travel expenses: It’s cheaper to mail your video to multiple locations in the country then it is to send a person there. You can even it stream it on the web. You don’t have to pay for an airline ticket, meals and hotels for a video’s travel.

7. Video is a corporate image-maker: Your image, your way. Your video can tell your story, sell your product, shape public opinion and control what information you want released. You decide what is said and seen in your video. You control the image you can use the power and prestige of television to shape public opinion, in the way that you want it shaped.

8. Video shows action: With video your product or service can be seen in action, doing exactly what you say it does. People want to see the action not hear about it. Video is not an expense. It’s an investment Video is not an expense. It’s an investment. Plan and execute it well and it will deliver an extraordinary return. Remember, if they can’t see it, you can’t sell it. Help your clients visualize the product or service your company works hard to create.

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Aaron Kjenslie Uses Video for Training


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